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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It Follows (2015)

It Follows
Released March 27, 2015. Directed by David Robert Mitchell.


After a sexual escapade of hers, a young woman solely known as J, or Jay, begins to notice an unidentified force following her. And by following, it's literally walking after her, which I found helped drive the suspense forward, but slow down the storyline. During the whole movie, we see Jay and her friend's reactions to her being followed by "It", which just consists of them running all over the place trying to get away from it, but we get no history or background of what "It" actually is and that was upsetting. Although, this is more realistic to what normal people would do, it wasn't what I was expecting. So, I was more intrigued with the concept of this thing following people around than what I was actually given and finding out what it was could have made the plot stronger.

Reminiscent of a typical 80's horror film, It Follows is full of cool, jazzy, loud music and nonexistent parental units. This movie left me with a lot more questions and WTF moments than answers. Yes, I could feel the suspense and was on the edge of my seat a couple of times, but moments later I was confused and trying to keep myself from yelling at the screen because the main characters were doing stupid things. Moments such as one girl pulling out this compact touch screen device reading idiotic, meaningless quotes in whatever time period they were in got me wanting to pull my hair out. It feels as if they wanted to go for a timeless period, but it was actually quite annoying because I just didn't know for sure. However, every moment where "It" showed up left me scared because I didn't know what it was going to do and because I was left in the dark about what exactly it was. However, the scare was broken moments later when I was dumbfounded that someone said something stupid. Or the guy next to me started snoring.

Sure, It Follows is unique and different and actually quite scary at times, but it was not worth paying the ten bucks I did for it. It succeeding in what it wanted to do, but for me it just wasn't effective in keeping me entertained because I was just so damn confused. A good confusion, but nonetheless, confused.

P.S: It could also be a reference to herpes, but that is just my two cents into it.

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