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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We Need to Talk About Cece: A Pretty Little Liars Recap

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After all the snarky comments and blog posts over the course of FIVE YEARS, we've finally come face to face with A and not ABC Family's usual antics of unmasking A only to tell us it was all a joke the next season. 

And who was A, you ask? None other than the mysterious Cece Drake herself...

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I honestly couldn've called this seasons ago when we first met her, but as always they had to throw in all these twists and turns, but when we found out who the hell was doing all this, it just wasn't satisfying. It wasn't what I wanted it to be. It was shocking. IT WAS DUMB.

Not only was the reasoning behind Cece being A full of so many plot holes that were more confusing than shocking, but it was just boring. I waited for something, just about every PLL fan thought three seasons ago. Sure, the whole transgender thing was a good for a minute, it after a while...it got old. It looked as if Cece wasn't originally going to be A, but with all the celebs coming out as transgender, trans-fluid and whatnot, they decided to hop on the bandwagon out of nowhere to surprise us.

Surprising? I think not. 

Again, even her reasoning behind it was just a mess and basically just "because", but even when they threw Sara being Red Coat at us, I was still not surprised, but did we get any explanation on that? Nope, they just went on with Cece's story and tried to stop her from blowing up Rosewood(?) I think...But I mean, we're finding out who A is, why would we need to know about anything else. We only asked for this, not anything else.

I was waiting for an actual twist. An actual turn. And that night, we got squat. Hell, I wanted even one of the Liars to be involved somehow. I didn't even care that I called it, I would've just been excited they decided to take that risk. PLL has been unrisky, PLL has been predictable and this whole season has just been them traipsing about Rosewood, trying to find A and just about doing so every episode and then something happens and A gets away. Seriously? That's all we can get. And now with a seventh season being green lit for being the (hopefully) final season, we may be able to put this show to rest...in a grave...

PLL is done for after this season finale. It's been a good show and at points has had me on the edge of my seat, but that, again, was three seasons ago. If anything, I'm on the edge of my seat reaching for the off button because I can't take any more of Hanna's "one-liners." Seriously, who writes this? Because it's just flat out bad now.

Spencer? Aria? Emily? Hanna? Hah, I don't give a hoot because they all are just teenagers doing dumb things, saying dumb things and trying to solve a dumb mystery with their dumb boyfriends like some idiot's version of Scooby Doo. There characters just aren't real anymore and it's sad, but that maybe because they kept the show going LONGER THAN NECESSARY. We didn't need six seasons of this. We didn't and moving on to the next one, the girls are five years older and still probably going the same stuff all over again.

Will I be watching this next season? Probably because I've come this far and it's the last season, but if there are any more, then I'll go along with my friends and promptly delete this show from my DVR.

You've been warned, Marlene King or I'll call A...Or Big A...or Red Coat...or Black Widow or whoever the hell these characters are on you....Oh, wait they're THE SAME PERSON...Right? But we don't need an explanation on that...Good Golly, CECE IS A.

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  1. I agree! It just fell flat. I'll watch the next few episodes to see where it goes, but hell we better get some shocking twist or something!


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