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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Movie Review: The Worst Year of My Life (2015)

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The Worst Year of My Life (2015)
*Streaming on Amazon Prime as of Dec 17, 2015*

Starring: Trevor St. John David, Amy Vorpahl, Cate Beehan, Nicholas Tucci
Directed By: Johnathan Smith
Released: February 13, 2015
Rating: 2/5

Summary: A man gets finds out his girlfriends been cheating on him and goes on a misson...to do what? I don't actually know.

My Thoughts: This movie was entertaining. It was funny, it was engaging, it just made no damn sense! It was a telling of a break-up, obviously, but it was trying to take the non-linear story-telling aspect to a place that it just looses the person watching the damned thing. The acting was the only thing keeping me watching and it was something else. For an indie flick, I was impressed. It wasn't anything phenomenal by any means, but it felt real. However, I just...I couldn't follow it with all the jumping around it does because instead of explaining what's going on and what part in the relationship you're at, it takes you out of the movie and what part you're in and places you there in that part without much explanation at all and that's my main problem with this film. 

But it's an interesting take on a relationship as you follow him around with a therapist who's trying to help him and explain why things didn't work out. This could've been better, but it wasn't. You can sit around all day, watch this movie and you can sit an analyze it, but you won't get it because there's nothing really to get and that's that.

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