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Saturday, May 28, 2016

TV Review: You're The Worst Season One (2014-), Modern Romance and What Is Love?

You're The Worst (2014-)

Starring: Aya Cash, Desmin Borges, Chris Geere, Kether Donohue
Created By: Stephen Falk
 Airing On: FX
 Rating: 4.7/5

Summary: Two self-destructive, damaged people try to start a relationship. This is going to end well, right?

My Thoughts: Falling in love is a miraculous thing. You see the world with open eyes and the person you're with is perfect and everything they do is perfect and everything is perfect.

Wrong. This is not what love is. Love is accepting the faults and seeing everything they do and knowing that it isn't perfect, but still accepting them for who they are and whatnot because love isn't a choice. It happens in the strangest ways and at the strangest times and while everything going to shit seems inevitable, you're still taking a chance to be with this person. And that's what this is show is about. The despicable, disgusting hardships of being in love when you're downright scared of how it's going to turn out because you either get married or break up and most relationships in today's time end in heartbreak.

One of the show's minor characters describes it as, "putting your needs before someone else's" to which all the other characters except the one decent one scoff at. And I scoffed, too. I'm way to self-centered to put anyone else before me. For example, if my significant other and I we were going to be murdered, I'd probably suggest he sacrifice himself to save me. So, going by this character's standards, that isn't love. But what is love? I mean, I guess I'd like to say I'm in love. 

I feel the butterflies in my stomach when I see him, but, then again, I get the same feeling when I see my food coming at a restaurant. I like the way he looks which is sort of a non-glasses wearing Woody Allen-Michael Cera hybrid, he's kind of great at sex (but don't tell him I said that), he's funny for the most part, and when he laughs it's sort of like the mix between a chuckle, a bark and a squeak, and when most things happen to me, he's the first person I'd like to talk to about said situation even though we don't talk as much as your typical couple does because who gives a shit about constant communication? We talk, it works and we'll figure shit out as it comes along.

And here, we have Jimmy and Gretchen, two very not-so-nice people trying to make it work in a modern society. Today, we have Tinder among other social media websites, we have these "situationships" instead of relationships, which is something our leads begin in before they start dating and even when they do begin to date and everything is casual, but not in the sense they're seeing other people, but there is no impending doom about what's going to happen next, but how does that play out into the future? A relationship is all about the future to most older people. When are we getting married? What age do you want to have kids? When do you want to move in together? And those things are absolutely scary, shit-storm scary to think about, but we're conditioned as humans who want to find a mate to think about the future with someone. However, You're the Worst and just about everyone revolves around the idea that we need to live in the present and worry about things like: "Oh, shit, Cindy just asked me what we were? What do I call him? My FWB, my boyfriend...? My parents are here, do I hide him or introduce him as a work friend or tell the truth?" And while these situations aren't ideal, they deal with the hardships of dealing with a relationship in the now, rather than that of the future because the future is scary and You're The Worst teaches you that it's okay to not worry about the future and it's okay to be comfortable in the unknown, as long as you're comfortable where you stand and if you aren't, fix it and it does this all while being delightfully hilarious and well-written.

This show is one of the best shows on TV and unlike the rest out there that take a while to find out where they stand and find the voice they're going for, You're The Worst is incredibly self aware from the start. The one-liners, the silly-yet-actually-realistic situations depict what goes on the in the modern world of relationships and celebrates the idea that it's okay to not be certain of a lot of things and because it's a TV show, we can see the small changes in the characters episode-by-episode and love them even more for it, regardless of how imperfect they are because they're so, so human. 

The cast is great. The humor is dark and abrasive and the story is quite engaging and human and I mean, this is only the first season. I'm excited to see where it goes during the second season. 

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