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Friday, August 26, 2016

How To Be Creative and Flavor of Love

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Flavor of Love (2006-)
Starring: Flavor Flav, Dion Graham, etc.
Airing On: VH1
Created By: Chris Abrego, Mark Cronin
Rating: B-

Summary: Flavor Flav needs to find his dream girl and on this reality tv show, he's going to do exactly that.

My Thoughts: Behind the sexist dialogue, it's messy editing and unlikable cast, we have a show that is unapologetically...itself. Both a guilty pleasure that is quite entertaining while also cringe worthy at some moments, what we're presented is a show that is wholly a mixture of something along the lines of Jerry Springer and The Bachelor and nothing more. There are heart jerking moments, there are moments where you need to pick up a dictionary to prove if something one of the ladies has said is actually a word and there are moments where you'll be on the floor laughing and that's what this show is supposed to do. It's so bad, it's good and it doesn't try to be anything else except that. But what makes a show like this show so good that it gains 3 seasons of episodes even though it's ultimately ridiculous?

Is it the wonderfully edited fight scenes that get us every angle of the on-screen action? Is it the quippy dialogue between the women involving obscene swears and drink throwing? Or is the the wonderfully chosen sound effects that sound like they've been ripped from Windows Movie Maker? In my opinion, it's the cast, but how do they choose this wonderful cast to be on this show? This, in itself, is an artistic decision. This is a creative decision. Reminiscent to the kinds of cast mates we'd see on other reality shows like America's Next Top Model, we essentially get bunches of trouble makers and that's completely perfect. For a show like this, you need women who will stir up trouble in any given situation and while this is for ratings (Obviously), in order to understand the process of choosing these women and why they're exactly chosen, you've got to place yourself in the producer's head as he pulls out head-shots upon head-shots of women who want to be with this man, Flavor Flav. We get a list of personality quirks, likes/dislikes and etc and a photo and that's it. These women have to be perfect, not just for Flav, but for people to keep watching with the thought in their head being: "What will so-and-so do next?" And in my opinion, that's exactly what I'm wondering and so I tune in to find out, but as for a producer, he's thinking about these things in a long-term scenario because he's got to keep people watching in order to keep the show on the air for as long as possible. It is success that is a driving factor and while many people believe that "success is fickle" and that you shouldn't " aim at success," it's what determines whether movies either rank or tank in a theater, and on television, success determines cancellation of not. Success determines whether or not your 12-episode reality show will unfold or not which is harder than film because in film, once it's released, it's out regardless and there can't be any cancellations.

However, what happens in reality shows constantly is change. And a producer must "make room for the process of excitement and despair" because what happens if so-and-so decide to play nice? Will they still be voted off in the same manner as they would? What if this places the order out of whack? What happens if so-and-so do this? In a world like this, things get crazy in a matter of seconds and it is up to the producer to think about said things and react accordingly even if whatever happens next wasn't originally apart of their plan. This is a creative decision. This is what adds the "flavor" in Flavor of Love, not the rapper in his crazy get up that all the girls swoon over.

Flavor of Love is a national treasure, no matter how terrible that is to say. It's going to make you laugh, cry, scream and do everything The Bachelor or The Bachelorette can't do on their own networks in a way that was both fresh in 2006 and now in 2016. It's obscenely offensive and sort of puts women in the light as sexual objects more so than people, but again, it doesn't take itself so seriously, so neither should you.

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