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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Dream Crate

Subscription boxes are all the rage now-a-days. There are boxes for pretty
 much everything from makeup to hair products to just about anything that
 could be purchased on the world wide web. Whether you love makeup, anime, 
video games or books, your typical subscription box contains a bunch of those 
products pertaining to a certain theme and they're sent to you every month
 for a fixed fee.

However, imagine if you had the opportunity to design your own subscription 
box. What kinds of things would you put into it? What would be your theme? 
Would you keep it sweet and simple or would you pack with everything except 
the kitchen sink? Well, Loot Crate is subscription box service dedicated to 
all things geeky that's challenging fans to create their very own Dream Crate
 that can include just about anything and everything you can come up with. 

I chose to include things revolving around horror-themed video games like 
just because that's what I like and I thought it was interesting concept as
 Loot Crate already makes a specific video game themed crate and if I were
 to purchase one, that's the one I'd choose. If you decide to take part in the 
project, feel free to choose whatever theme and items you'd like. 

Products: Shirt - Amazon, Hat - Playstation, Figurine - Amazon,
 Patch - Hot Topic, Mousepad - Zazzle

If you like the project, all you have to do is just pick a theme, add some 
items and maybe a little blurb about what your theme is and the items you 
chose. It's a simple, fun project that anyone can become apart of. Leave a
 comment with a link to your box down below.

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